Awaken your persona and interact live


  • professional improv actors from a worldwide network
  • with UX designers and design sprint coaches
  • in 5 languages and 20 countries
  • more than 10 years of experience in business, on stage and in complex projects

Your persona live and in action

Personas come in all shapes and formats: as slides, posters, scrapbooks or cardboard displays. They inspire and represent the customer in workshops, service training sessions and training courses. But all formats have one disadvantage: they cannot speak, react or give answers. They usually remain flat, in the truest sense of the word. 

We do it differently: Based on your formats, we bring personas live to you in an ideation workshop, team call or employee event.

We work without script and screenplay! All our performers are improvisation professionals and react spontaneously, compentently and charmingly to your questions based on the profile of the personas.

We come to you:

  • to an ideation workshop
  • to a team meeting
  • to a strategy meeting
  • to your employee event
  • to a roadshow
  • to the user interview

and experience the user journey together

Live or virtual, but always interactive.

Paper is patient and can wait.

Persona creation

You don't have a persona yet, but would like to have one? We create personas with you. We can do this either in a classic way or interactively and inspiringly with methods from applied improvisation. 

Design Sprints

You get the full range of methods with a Design Sprint. From a design challenge to customer feedback for a prototype - it can all happen in one week.

Event design and facilitation - live or virtual

You want to present your personas in the right way and make them known in your company? Then invite us to your event or let us inspire you with event designs. After all, we have more than 10 years of experience in inspiring people on stage, telling stories and communicating complex issues in an exciting way.

Who is behind all this?

With the hashtag #rational-verrückt, Stefan combines a powerful mix of business know-how, technical expertise, leadership understanding, new work affinity and agile methods.

Certified UX Designer & Design Sprint Facilitator
Stefan is not only a digital native due to his age, but lives a Digital Culture. As a Certified User Experience Designer, he brings in-depth experience in agile methods like Design Thinking or Design Sprints and gives them a new twist with applied improvisation methods. 

Organizational Developer, Leadership Trainer & Agile Coach.
Stefan's passion lies in the development of people and organizational cultures in complex systems. For several years he has been accompanying organizational transformations and designing appropriate culture and leadership programs. A special focus is on the design of New Work and New Normal cultures and agile transformations. He has particular experience with hybrid organizations in corporations and medium-sized businesses. As an Agile Coach, he also accompanies individual teams or departments on their way to a new form of collaboration.
Graduate industrial engineer with broad organizational knowledge
On the rational side of the hashtag is Stefan the industrial engineer. He brings more than 10 years of experience in corporate functions from controlling to technical projects to strategy. He moves confidently at top management level and in complex projects with many stakeholders.

Certified Applied Improvisation Practitioner (AIN)
Stefan is the founder of the KurzFormChaos improvisation theater from Darmstadt, Germany, which has been in existence since 2010. He has international stage and workshop experience. His show formats are presented at international festivals in Munich, Zurich and Singapore. He is also a guest ensemble member in several renowned business theaters, including "Für Garderobe keine Haftung". He uses all of this as a Certified Applied Improvisation Practitioner to inspire corporate and leadership cultures in the business world with the methods of improvisational theater. He is also co-founder of the Applied Improvisation Camps which aim to connect business, science and improvisation.

Facilitator & Event Expert
Years of stage experience, coupled with the expertise from his previous professional stations, make Stefan a sought-after moderator and designer for conferences, congresses and events. Here, too, Stefan is able to use his talent for improvisation as well as storytelling to bring the events and stories of an event to the stage.

Improv meets Design Thinking

Read more about my concept on LinkedIn (German only atm)